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The Platform

We are building a world class supply chain on the Blockchain network
to tranform the African agricultural value chain. we also compliment
farmers efforts using Machine learning, IOT and drone technologies
in the farming processes & mobile payment for agribusinesses and
Government to farmer payments .

Our Products


Agrikoin is the native utility token of Secure Agric platforms. It will serve as the native transactional currency.


We have simplified agro-commodity trading, by implementing the farm to table chain. farmers get access to market without leveraging brokers/middlemen

Smart Agrik

We will empower small holder farmers with our robust technologies to compliment their efforts for increase in crop yield and revenue, with minimum investment .


Digitizing business to farmer & government to farmer payment, is an entry point to financial inclusion. Agpay is both traditional and peer to peer payment platform for the Agricultural last mile .


Only when there is an affordable & sustainable means of communication between farmers, and to access web services, we can achieve a digital agriculture in Africa.


AgriKard is a debit card for the AgriKoin utility & fiat currency. payments can be made in crypto or fiat, and withdraw cash in fiat on any automated teller machine


Trading AgriKoin is synonymous to buying and selling of Agro-comodities, virtually in this case. Agriwallet is a store of cryptocurrencies and trading environment.

Secure Agric Ambassadors

We pay you a random bounty starting from $5 to $15 Monthly for joining our Community of individuals Sharing Blockchain Solutions Created for all parties in the agricultural value chain, from producers to consumers.


Agrikard is a debit card for Agrikoin tokens that can be used to perform transaction from anywhere. it can be used to make transactions in fiat also.

Meet Our Team

Ismail Waziri

President & CEO

Nuruddeen Ibrahim

VP, Payment Services

Ahmad Abdullahi

VP, Technology

Jiraji Kelvin

VP, Business Development

Scott Ugbah P.hd

Research & Development

Abdulrahman Muh'd

Chief Designer & Software Engineer

Kabir Umar

VP, Logistics

Hanifa Mohammed

Community development Manager

Miroslav Kostecki

Engineering Partner

Zunnurain Idris

Blockchain Developer

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